Man fished out of lake after landing in troubled waters

A Williamson County angler got himself and his boat into what could have become a life-ending predicament on Center Hill Lake this week were it not for quick and competent action by marina workers in the vicinity.

Smithville radio station WJLE reported that the fisherman got too close to the moving water near the dam gates on Friday and lost control of his boat.

According to WJLE:

The current pulled his boat up against one of the spill gates causing it to turn up on its side in the water. The man, who was not wearing a life jacket, fell into the lake but he was able to grab onto the boat and managed to pull himself up and stand on the side of the vessel with it partly submerged until help arrived.

A passing boater spotted him and went nearby to the marina at Edgar Evins State Park to get help. Workers from the boat dock boarded a pontoon boat and rescued the man. He was brought back to the marina uninjured.

WJLE reported that the boat was salvaged and towed to the marina with assistance from Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officers.

Center Hill Lake, Dale Hollow, Percy Priest and Lake Cumberland in Kentucky have for nearly a month been discharging vast quantities of water in wake of record February rainfall in the region, making for deceptive and dangerous currents near dam release gates.

“It will take several months to reduce these lake levels to more seasonal levels,” Anthony Rodino, a Nashville-based Army Corps of Engineers water management specialist, predicted at the beginning of March.